Murphy’s Law Against My Will

Ever notice that the moment you decide to change your life, every obstacle seems to suddenly rise up against you? I mean, things already have to be pretty bad to get someone to change their behavior. The last thing they need is to have to deal with unexpected "calamities". Yet, this is exactly what Murphy's… Continue reading Murphy’s Law Against My Will

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Negotiating with Debt Collectors

Just as I decided to get serious about paying down my debt and building wealth, wouldn't you know it that I would get an unexpected call from a debt collector? The man on the phone told me they had just purchased my debt from a hospital which I had been seen at back in 2015.… Continue reading Negotiating with Debt Collectors


The Journey Begins

Today is the 2nd day of January 2018 and I am 2 days into my journey to pay down $196,556 in debt, build wealth and achieve financial independence! I've read so many blogs that tell how someone "got out of debt"- AFTER they've reached their goal. But very few blogs are written as the author… Continue reading The Journey Begins