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How to Make Cash Back Sites Work for You

Piggy-Bank-CashRecently, I have discovered cash back websites that give a percentage of your online orders back to you in the form of cash. That means that you can earn money back on everything you purchase for your home. Now, you might be thinking, “I thought I was supposed to be saving money, not spending it!” – and you’d be right.

I’m in a special circumstance where I do all of the ordering for our office break room. For the past year, I have ordered the snacks through Amazon, Walmart, or Target, and been reimbursed through my employer. Wow do I ever wish I’d known about cash back sites then! Now, instead of going directly to the Amazon website, I first login to my account. Once I’m logged in, I can access my Amazon account and place my order. The cost of items is exactly the same as if I entered the website directly. I place my order, and gives me somewhere between 1%-20% depending on the website I access. There are thousands of online retailers that I can access through How much does this add up to? In my case, I’m averaging about $200/mo in cash back!!

You may be thinking, I don’t do that kind of ordering for work. How can I make this work for me? Here are 5 ways you can make cash back sites work for you!

  1. Use for cash back. From my experience, this site pays the highest percentage of cash back, you get $10 cash back just for signing up, and you get $10 each time you refer a friend.
  2. Order all of your family’s non-perishable items at (they pay the highest cash back compared to WalMart or Target). You’d be surprised how much you can save by using Prime Pantry for your groceries- and shipping is free if you fill an entire box. Buy pet food, beauty and household items, school supplies, diapers, baby clothes, etc online. You may even find that you save money because you can go on with a list and not be tempted to buy impulse items like you would at a mall or grocery store.
  3. Sign up with and invite your friends and family to help you save for your children’s college funds, or simply help you pay down debt. They can sign up on your behalf, and you will earn cash back for purchases they make.
  4. Look for opportunities to do the purchasing at your church, office, PTA meetings, etc. Make sure they reimburse you for your purchases. Purchase all items through a cash back site.
  5. If you’re planning a trip to the movies, a restaurant, or treating yourself to a day at the spa, go online first and buy a gift card through a cash back site, then use the gift card to make your purchases in person.

With a little planning, and an eye for opportunity, you can make cash back sites a steady stream of passive income for your family! Cash Back

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