Kids and Money, Saving Money

How to Buy Clothes for Your Kids When You’re on a Budget

This month my teenage daughter is starting at a new school. She was excited to begin, until the principal began telling her about their dress code. In addition to not being able to keep her nose-ring in, she would not be allowed to wear pants with holes or tears. Now, you may not have a teenage daughter, therefore you may not be aware that the current trend is to cut holes and tears into your jeans!

As I listened, I began to panic as I wondered how I would buy new clothes for my daughter. I had committed to 100% no-spend in January 2018. I was 5 days into that commitment, and now I might have to buy new clothes for my daughter!

As I sat in meditation the next morning, an idea came to me- I would see if I could sell some of my old clothes (or hers) at a local consignment shop to earn the money needed. So, I gathered up some of my gently-worn clothes and shoes and took them to Uptown Cheapskate (local consignment shop) to see what they might fetch.

Truth is, I brought 7 pair of shoes, and about 20 clothing items. They purchased 5 pair of the shoes, but didn’t want any of my clothing (I guess I’m just not trendy enough, lol). They paid me $21 cash- BUT they gave me an option for store credit with an additional 25% off.

I opted for the cash because they didn’t have many jeans in my daughter’s size at the shop.

In the end, I was able to buy 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of leggings (on clearance) for my daughter to wear to school! The next time any of us needs clothing, this will be my go-to option for finding cash to pay for them!

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